Intelligent Messaging

Intelligent Messaging

Intelligent Messaging is texting app for android users, At most of the time we want to send text messages with contacts’ name but due to lengthy list of contacts we usually don’t write name of each individual rather we prefer sending message without recipient name, the main purpose of intelligent Messaging is to send message with number of contacts with their names, you can use it to communicate with your friends, relatives or any one which you want. You can also add your signature and any regard message at the end, Intelligent Messaging saves your signature.
You can send messages to individual or multiple recipient with their full name, first name and last name and also you can create infinite groups of contact, and send messages to groups with just one tap.
Intelligent Messaging is very simple and easy to use, you can recreate your group, edit your groups, add and delete contacts from group and also you can easily delete groups.
Intelligent Messaging has its own template messages, you can also use these template messages for sending messages.
Intelligent Messaging is very reliable and easy to use, even with all the exciting features it has to offer the app size is under only 2.5MB.
Intelligent Messaging supports all android devices which has OS 4.0, 4.1, Jelly Bean and above.

Privacy Policy

As primary purpose of app is to send SMS to contacts therefore app need to access contacts of user.
To Add recipient name in SMS automatically we read contacts’ details.
We don’t save contacts to cloud or server.
App uses network’s carrier for sending text messages.


November 22, 2018


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