iGuard | Real-time Video Surveillance System

AI, with its recent emergence, has significantly changed traditional methods of system operation. Not to mention, AI has also brought about improvements in human lives through computer vision innovations, making life more secure and convenient. Safety for people and assets has long been a primary concern within organizations, and AI has effectively tackled these issues, leading us into a new era characterized by enhanced reliability and security.This article explores the ways in which AI has introduced safety.

In the blog post we’ll cover the following: 

  • Understanding AI Surveillance system
  • Evolution of AI Surveillance systems
  • AI surveillance methods
  • iGuard
  • How Do iGuards Work?
  • Where can iGuard be Implemented?
  • Ethical Considerations 
  • Conclusion

Understanding AI Surveillance System

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are used by AI surveillance systems to track and react to events or actions in real time. AI-powered surveillance systems, in contrast to conventional ones that depend on human operators, scan video feeds, spot anomalies, and send out warnings using sophisticated algorithms that have been trained on enormous datasets. 

Key components include video analytics for object detection and behavior analysis, machine learning for pattern recognition and improvement over time, computer vision for interpreting visual data, and integration with IoT devices for enhanced situational awareness.

These systems offer decision assistance for incident response, store and analyze data, and automate surveillance operations.

The Evolution of Surveillance Systems

Surveillance has been an important aspect of security for centuries, ranging from simple human patrols to sophisticated camera networks. Traditional surveillance systems require human operators to monitor feeds, analyze footage, and respond to potential threats. However, this approach has limitations, including fatigue, oversight errors, and the inability to process large amounts of data quickly.

The integration of AI into surveillance systems represents a significant step forward. AI algorithms can analyze video feeds in real-time, detect anomalies, identify objects and people, and even anticipate potential security breaches. This proactive approach improves surveillance effectiveness by reducing response time and increasing threat detection accuracy.

AI Surveillance Methods

AI algorithms can detect anomalies in data streams, track objects, and identify individuals in real-time. They can also generate automatic alerts based on predefined criteria, triggering alarms for security breaches. AI can also analyze historical data to predict future events or trends. It often integrates with IoT devices, enhancing situational awareness and a comprehensive security ecosystem. Real-time monitoring and response are possible, allowing for immediate response to security incidents. AI-based crowd analysis helps manage crowds and optimize security measures. Voice recognition systems analyze audio data to identify speakers and detect threats. Cybersecurity monitoring involves monitoring network traffic and events to detect and respond to threats. AI can also integrate with biometric sensors to enhance security authentication and access control.


We at Intellisense, introducing iGuard, a trusted AI-powered surveillance solution designed to revolutionize security monitoring. iGuard is a cutting-edge, scalable and cost effective solution that utilizes robust deep learning algorithms and computer vision techniques to detect Abnormal Activities. With iGuard we have revolutionized the way businesses and individuals safeguard their assets and premises.

How Does iGuard Work?

The iGuard process has been meticulously built to ensure the greatest possible security monitoring and threat detection. To begin, camera streams are captured and frame-by-frame feature extraction is done. This enables for a complete study of the video feed to identify any irregularities. Then, using powerful algorithms based on deep learning and computer vision techniques, iGuard can recognize and categorize various sorts of behaviors, objects, and persons in the video stream. This technique is critical for distinguishing between normal tasks and potential security issues, such as unauthorized access or suspicious movements.

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When iGuard detects anomalous behavior, its alerting system instantly alerts specified personnel or authorities, allowing for fast reaction measures. Simultaneously, iGuard maintains a complete database that securely stores and organizes all important data, such as video recordings, activity logs, and alert history. This database is an invaluable resource for post-incident analysis, forensic investigations, and improving the system’s performance over time. Overall, each stage in iGuard’s process helps to improve security measures and provide quick and intelligent responses to security risks.

Below are the achieved abnormal activity detection results:

   Real Time Snatching Activity Detection









Benefits of iGuard

  • iGuard Enhances security and safety measures.
  • Enables proactive intervention to mitigate potential threats.
  • Facilitates data-driven decision-making and future incident prevention strategies.
  • Offers scalable solutions adaptable to varying budget constraints and deployment requirements.

Where can iGuard be Implemented?

1. Retail Industry:

iGuard’s AI-powered surveillance detects suspicious behaviors like shoplifting or unauthorized item handling, reducing retail shrinkage and improving loss prevention efforts.

Real-time monitoring ensures the safety of customers by identifying potential threats or disturbances in retail environments.

2.Hospitality Sector:

iGuard enhances guest safety by monitoring public areas, parking lots, and hotel premises for any abnormal activities or security breaches. Detecting unauthorized access or vandalism helps in safeguarding hotel property and assets, ensuring a secure environment for guests and staff.

3. Corporate Offices:

iGuard provides a safe working environment by detecting and alerting authorities to any unusual behaviors or security risks within office spaces.

Monitoring access to sensitive areas and equipment prevents unauthorized access, reducing the risk of data breaches and corporate espionage.

4.Educational Institutions:

iGuard’s real-time monitoring enhances campus security by detecting potential threats, intrusions, or violent behavior, ensuring a safe learning environment for students and faculty.

Abnormal Activity Detection helps in identifying acts of vandalism or property damage, promoting a secure and well-maintained campus.

5.Manufacturing Facilities:

iGuard ensures the safety of workers by monitoring production areas for any abnormal activities, accidents, or unauthorized access to hazardous zones. Detecting theft or tampering with equipment and inventory helps in protecting valuable assets and maintaining operational efficiency.

6. Public Spaces:

iGuard assists in crowd management by monitoring public spaces, events, or transportation hubs for any abnormal behaviors, ensuring public safety and security.Real-time alerts enable immediate response to emergencies or security incidents, minimizing risks and ensuring swift action by authorities.

7. Healthcare Facilities:

iGuard enhances patient safety by monitoring medical facilities for any abnormal activities, ensuring a secure and confidential environment for patient care. Protecting medical equipment and supplies from theft or unauthorized access improves operational efficiency and reduces healthcare costs.

Ethical Considerations

As we work on making iGuard better at keeping places secure, we think a lot about how it might affect people’s privacy. We know that things like recognizing faces or using personal data can raise concerns. That’s why we take extra care to protect your information and always ask for your permission. We also want to make sure our technology treats everyone fairly and doesn’t show any bias. Being honest and clear about how iGuard works is really important to us. We’re always striving to do the right thing and make sure your rights and freedoms are respected.


In conclusion, real-time surveillance by AI represents a paradigm shift in security and monitoring, offering unprecedented capabilities to detect, analyze, and respond to threats swiftly. While challenges exist, Intellisense’s iGuard brings in a cutting-edge AI-powered surveillance system that has the potential to transform security monitoring across sectors. 

With its robust algorithms and real-time response capabilities, iGuard enhances safety measures and protects assets and premises while prioritizing data protection, user consent, fairness, and transparency. Trust iGuard to keep you safe and secure—experience the revolution in security monitoring today.