Infrastructure Solutions

Intellisense Solution infrastructure_solution
Intellisense Solutions possesses the right resources with right approach to match its customers’ needs, and provides them with relevant benefits and information.

Advanced Infrastructure Design and Implementation Organizations and businesses want to empower employees to gain and maintain competitive advantage based on innovative yet cost effective solutions. Intellisense Solutions has a proven track record of delivering best-in-class infrastructure consultancy services comprising of networking and security solutions. Intellisense Solutions provides innovative and market-leading infrastructure technologies throughout the network, to mitigate the risks associated with connecting and delivering critical network services and business applications while providing profitable and sustainable business practices based on delivering integrated and connected infrastructure solutions.

Windows Desktop Deployment Specialization

Organizations are now focusing on how well they can harness their information assets, optimize their supply chains and deliver new products and services to customers, thus the productivity of their business desktop users plays a vital in streamlining their tasks effectively. Intellisense Solutions’ profound experience on Microsoft’s desktop operating system provides the platform for customers to build this business value in a secure and cost-effective manner.

Active Directory and Identity Management

With growing business needs, employees are asked to do more with less. Microsoft Active Directory and Identity Management helps our clients reduce the costs associated with managing the identity life cycle.

• Fully integrated directory and security services

• Single sign-on to multiple applications, web sites, and services

• Automated account provisioning and de-provisioning

• Interoperability with other platforms and applications

Exchange Migration and Deployment

Communication channels have a huge impact on workers speed and efficiency coupled with fast access to information beyond any geographical boundaries. The proliferation of email brings the need for higher levels of security and more access options for highly mobile workers. Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 provides a very effective set of capabilities to meet these requirements.